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Carbon Fiber

Powder Coated BMW Brake Calipers

Powder Coating



Powder Coating Defined:




gerund or present participle: powder-coating

  1. cover (an object) with a polyester or epoxy powder, which is then heated to fuse into a protective layer.

We are very excited to add  Powder Coating to our ever growing line up.  We will be powder coating brake calipers and other items.  Contact us for more information.  Below are a few of the BMW brake calipers we have already done.

Custom Powder Coat BMW Brakes
BMW Brake Caliper
Powder Coated BMW

Custom Candy Red 3 stage Powder Coat.  There is a base layer of chrome powder, then the candy red, then a clear coat powder to protect.

Standard 2 color Powder Coat...RAL -1021 Yellow and high gloss clear powder.

Most Small Items that can fit in a regular oven can be powder coated.

Powder Coated Satin Black

1965 Chevy C10 Hood Springs

Powder Coated Satin Black

1965 Chevy C10 Hood Latch

Powder Coated Satin Black

1965 Chevy C10 Radiator Support Bracket

Satin Black

Gauge Cluster Restoration with Powder Coated Gauge bezel and face plate.

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