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Carbon Fiber


About Us


Welcome to Carbon Fiber Mods. We are car enthusiasts who were tired of paying high OEM cost for interior upgrades! We saw a need to offer high quality, great looking fabrics and materials to upgrade your show piece to a truly one of a kind masterpiece.


Imagine the inside of your car looking as good as the outside. After all, we spend the most time in the car, looking at the trim, not on the outside of our car.


We specialize in turning ordinary interior trim into something extra-ordinary that you will be proud to show. Don't settle for boring old fashioned wood trim any longer. Upgrade to Carbon Fiber or our black piano finishes. The ultimate in luxury interiors.


About Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber Defined--An extremely strong, thin fiber, consisting of long, chainlike molecules of pure carbon that are made by charring synthetic fibers such as rayon in the absence of oxygen. Carbon fibers are used in high-strength composite materials in aircraft, automobiles, architectural structures, and in other applications where light materials capable of withstanding high stress are required. 


Each piece of Carbon Fiber trim and accessories we make is hand crafted.


What does this mean to you, the customer? This means, each piece is unique. Much like leather, each piece of Carbon Fiber has unique characteristics. No two pieces will be a like. The grain in the Carbon Fiber will change depending on the curvature of the piece being worked. These pieces are not made on an assembly line or in a cookie cutter fashion. Since each piece is hand worked through each phase of the process, any variations should be seen as a mark of craftsmanship.



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